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Top 5 Daily Sayings That Will Transform Your Life

We’ve all heard stories about people completely changing their lives through the use of daily word repetition. This daily word repetition can be best defined through the word “mantra”.

Not just for times of meditation. Plainly put, a mantra is a statement or slogan that is repeated often. It can range from one word, to short and long phrases alike. It can be made up, chosen from your favorite book, stolen from your celebrity crush, or from the car decal that you stared at while you were stuck in traffic on that gruesomely hot day.

However you come about them, when used routinely, your mantra can be the tool that helps to bring you peace of mind, and transform your life.

Here are the top 5 most powerful mantras that I’ve gathered from close family and friends that are are sure to impact your life in a positive way.

1. I am in control of my life.  Life will go where you choose to lead. Lead it to your dreams instead of someone else’s dreams or expectations. You deserve to show up for self. Start today.

2. I deserve for good things to happen to me.  Ever overheard someone saying, “I can’t ever catch a break”? Let’s make a note of that, and remove it from our vocabulary. It's time for you to start speaking the opposite over your life. No matter how bad things may seem, you are worthy of good things happening to you.

3. I have everything I need.  Whether or not you have everything now is not important. Believing that you have everything that you need to remain content is where true fulfillment begins.

4. I am more than just a conqueror.  This is a reminder that you are not summed up by what you’ve been through. Rather, you’re an over comer who can achieve more than you or anyone else could ever dream of.

5. I am safe. This is for you. After it happened, you may find that you are now more apprehensive and inquisitive. In using this mantra, you remind yourself that you are safe where you are, how you are, being who you are.

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